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Get Ready for Activity - Ambient Day Scheduling with Dementia

Light, sound and aroma therapy are often used in the treatment of dementia patients as a complementary medical method. Light,sound and aroma care are also widely used for people with dementia. However, there is often a lack of systematisation and individualisation in the application of these approaches.

Information and communication technology allow to create light, sound and aroma fitted to individual requirements and/or systematically controlled in line with therapy plans. A precisely programmed dosage of the interventions or an automatic adjustment of light, sound and aroma to the individual needs of a person is thereby possible.

GREAT is the very first solution that performs a coordinated light, sound and aroma care at the right time, for a suitable period of time, and with the required intensity as well as quality. Further unique selling points:

• a modular and extensible system, where modules (light, sound, aroma) can be easily added or removed without incurring any additional installation effort

• the scalability and flexibility may be adapted to changing user needs in line with the progress of dementia

• valuable information about the dementia patients for caretakers and physicians based on data collected by sensors

• easy handling of system with just 2 buttons (activation vs. relaxation)